Root Timberline Pillar Candle - 3 X 6 Delightful Daffodil - Root Candles Made in America


Item: 3x6DDaffodil

3" x 6" Root Timberline Pillar Candle. Color: Sunflower.  Fragrance is Delightful Daffodil. Fragrance Type: Floral. Fragrance Description is: Bergamot and melon are captured amidst the spicy clove of dewy green leaves that brighten the clean notes of the daffodil - a touch of honeysuckle, lily and vanilla complete the experience.

Root Timberline scented pillars are adorned with an artistic canopy of treelike branches on top, combined with the smooth weathered bark on the candle body. Root Candles' Scented Timberline Pillars have an all-natural cotton wick and burn an impressive 17 hours per inch.

Also available in a 3"x 3" Pillar Candle. (3x3DDaffodil).