4" x 5" x 2" Blue Berry Eco Lifetime Candle, By Lifetime Candles


Item: ECO-3203

4" x 5" x 2"  Blue Berry Lifetime Candle is a square glass bottle filled with beautiful, bright blue berries, a fern sprig and sea glass. 

Each shell cube ships to your home sealed with a temporary marble that is replaced with a glass wick holder and a fiberglass wick.  Lifetime candles are filled with 99% pure paraffin oil that is odorless, clean burning and non-allergenic. 

Available in several styles and sizes - please call with any questions.  Candles may be shipped because the oil is not flammable.  Each cube ships in a gift box.

One of our best sellers, the blue berry candles are available in a variety of sizes. Eco square candles are also available in a shell design and red berry design.

Replacement Oil also available to be shipped from Harvest of Barnstable. 18 Oz. (PPO18), 100 Oz. (PPO100)