Harvest of Barnstable is currently reorganizing our wholesale division due to increased overhead costs in manufacturing in the state of Massachusetts.  We did not produce a new 2016 spring/summer catalog but may be able to fill some orders with existing stock.

We will still make some items available and will begin working on a new website to show those items.  Please call us for more information about product availability.

We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for 35 amazing years of trading with our wholesale partners. Thank you to those who have expressed a sincere desire to continue to do wholesale trade.  Based on higher wages and new laws enacted in the state, we are evaluating what we will be able to deliver and will redesign our website as quickly as possible.

You may still login below to see our spring/summer 2015 catalog as well as the fall/holiday catalog from 2015.

Kind Regards,

Pamela and the wholesale team at Harvest