We thought you'd like to meet our LIFE, Inc. Team (Living Independently Forever)

Harvest of Barnstable is pleased to announce that for the tenth consecutive year, our Blooming Paperwhite Baskets have been assembled by Living Independently Forever, Inc. (LIFE, Inc.)

Our Blooming Paperwhite Baskets begin shipping on October 1, and ship through the end of the year.  They are available in Nantucket style baskets and beautiful natural grass baskets.  Each basket ships with a photo of our LIFE, Inc. team so the recipient will know that their purchase is helping to keep our team members employed and independent.


The LIFE program is dedicated to assisting adults with learning disabilities to remain independent. Some of our team members have helped to assemble our blooming baskets for ten years!! Having our team on board is a highlight of our holiday season - Thank you for helping us achieve this goal year after year.