14 inch White Twig Wreath with Native Scallop Shells, Three Starfish and Faux Grasses


Item: R-NBW14

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15 inch Vine Twig Wall Swag with Shells, Starfish and a Navy Bow.


Item: R-NBS15

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23"H x 24"W White Washed Seaside Shell Wall Basket



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24 inch Multi Shell Vine Swag


Item: R-NBS24

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24 inch White Twig Wreath With Blue Mussels, Native Scallop Shells, Summer Grass and Three Starfish


Item: R-NBW24

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5 Inch Shell Hanger with Oyster and Blue Mussel Shells, Meadow Grass, Mud Starfish and a Navy Bow


Item: R-NBSR

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5 Inch White Baking Dish Shell Hanger with Shells, Navy Bow and a Faux Pearl


Item: R-NBSH

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5" Arc Shell Ring Featuring a Swimming Mermaid Reaching for a Star, with Blue Beads, Meadow Grass and a Blue Bow


Item: R-NBMR

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8" White Metal Lantern with White Shell Removable Collar with Navy Blue Bow and Battery Tea Light


Item: R-NBWL

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Removable Shell Collar with Natural Shells, Meadow Grass and a Navy Blue Satin Bow


Item: R-NBBC

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